From a spa pool lift to large on-site projects – our team have the specialised equipment and the technical experience to complete any lift in all locations

  • We can help with static crane hire, frame and truss transport, vessel discharges, load piloting, machinery moves and portable building relocations.
  • Our experienced team will complete a safety lift plan to ensure your lift is completed securely and safely.


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Hi just wanted to flick you a quick email to say how amazing your driver “crusty” was, he navigated obstacles and did an incredible job and was so kind to our son. and very safety conscious too. what a star – thank you,


The job was well done and the crane operator was very good to work with and his job extremely well, watching carefully not to damage any tree and “slotted” the container successfully into a very tight position. Even the neighbours who watched were impressed by both chaps about their professionalism, skill and friendliness.


I want to commend the professionalism and skill of two operators [lifting a 20m communications tower onto its footings, at Monowai Tower sit]. Their actions on-site – engaging the Tailgate, setting up their equipment, and communicating with the main contractor – are exactly the actions we are looking for in our contractors. Please thank them for their efforts. They are a credit to your company.